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About the Community

Welcome to SLMS R US, a livejournal community for School Librarianship. Feel free to join and introduce yourself, give tips, ask questions, share your experiences and make connections with fellow School Library Media Specialists. This community is open to anyone interested in School Libraries....experienced SLMS, Brand new SLMS. Librarians in training/Graduate Students, people considering the profession, and supporters of school libraries.

We hope this community will grow to be a friendly and fun resource for all the school librarians out here in LJ land.

Feel free to email Melissa if you have an questions.

How you can help
This community was opened 1/11/06, so it is a work in progress. You can help us grow in several way:

-Share this community with other School Library related LJ users

-Email Melissa any Web Resources you would like added to the link section of the main page, or any ideas for important additions to the community. If we get enough we can even expand the resources to it's own Resource section in the memories, or create

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